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Host-Read Podcast Advertisements

The host can perform your OMAPOD podcast advertisement as a:

  • Pre-roll (before the episode begins; up to :30 seconds in length)

  • Mid-roll (mid-episode; up to :60 seconds)

  • Post-roll (after the end of the episode; up to :60 seconds)

The host can perform from a script, or go off of talking points that you provide and put the ad in their own words.

You can also provide your own recorded creative.

Branded Segment

Our host will interview someone from your organization about whatever it is you want to talk about. An up to five-minute portion of this interview will run within an OMAPOD podcast episode. It will be labeled as being sponsored by your organization, but it will have the same style and feel as the rest of the podcast.

Branded Episode

In certain circumstances, an entire podcast episode could be sponsored by your organization. Maybe you have a prominent VIP guest for your big annual event, or a special panel discussion of public interest with newsworthy elements.

We can host and record the discussion - an edited version of portions of the event will be released as an OMAPOD episode, and your organization can keep the full, unedited audio for use internally or for your social media, marketing/P.R. and website purposes.

Studio Sponsorship

Your brand will be the marquee sponsor of the podcast studio for a week or more. The episodes will be announced as “OMAPOD, from the (Your Company Name) studio.”


Newsletter Advertisement

An advertising item will be placed in the OMAPOD newsletter, up to 80 words in length. It will be labeled as “From Our Sponsor, (Your Company Name).”

We can use text that you provide, or we can develop creative from your talking points.

Newsletter Sponsorship

Your brand will be the marquee sponsor of the newsletter for a week or more. Your brand name and logo will be in the newsletter header: “OMAPOD, sponsored by (Your Company).” You’ll also receive an advertising item within the newsletter itself, up to 80 words in length.

We can use text that you provide, or we can develop creative from your talking points.


Want to create a fresh new ad that users won’t just listen to but will actually enjoy? We can create a campaign so hot that it’ll spark massive consumer action. We can give your brand such a spotless refresh that you’ll soon be cleaning up in sales.

We can rock:

  • Campaigns

  • Copywriting

  • Brand strategy

  • Viral social media ideation

  • Whatever else your little heart desires

Let’s get disruptive!

Whether you need a :30 second podcast ad or 30 game-changing strategic options for your brand, reach out to for LOUD creative that will resonate!


Please contact if you’re interested in any of the above options - please include:

  1. Your Business/Organization Name

  2. Your Business/Organization website URL link

  3. Your first and last name and contact information

  4. What you specifically are looking to advertise

  5. Which option from above that you’re interested in utilizing

  6. When your desired start/end date is for your campaign

  7. Any questions, notes or comments