Union Omaha GM Peter Marlette on struggling, surviving & succeeding

Union Omaha GM Peter Marlette on struggling, surviving & succeeding

The hottest exec of the hottest team in the game comes on the hottest pod in town

Smart people kept telling me I had to get Peter Marlette, GM of Union Omaha on and, wow… We have an episode with his incredible backstory that we’ll release soon - he has an amazing journey going from All-American college soccer star to international soccer player to world-class branding expert to now living his dream of running a soccer club and falling in love with Omaha - but today he tells us about the ‘high stress’ start to this season, sticking it out through the tough times and who he leaned on for advice, and how satisfying it is closing out strong. He looks ahead - both to the exciting finish of this season, and where professional soccer in Omaha is heading in the next five years…

So before a different kind of football takes over around here, give Union Omaha a look - information on tickets here - as they make their playoff run.

What else?

Some say it’s ‘Global Warming,’ some say ‘Climate Change,’ some say it’s just the natural order of things this time of season - but I’ve looked at the stats, y’all - and I can definitively state that the biggest contributor to this heat wave we’ve had this week is the crazy amount of energy generated by so many people around here furiously clicking ‘play’ on OMAPOD this week!

I did not know how long it would take to get over 1000 completed plays but I sure did not expect it would happen in hour 27. So thanks to YOU for an EPIC start - but we’re going even bigger next week!

See you Monday morning…