My Thanksgiving dinner with Deion Sanders

My Thanksgiving dinner with Deion Sanders

Plus Kayleigh Weeks - a top dog at Husker Hounds - on the cost of losing

You made it to the end of the longest short week in history! Congrats!

Let’s celebrate by having a little fun today.

We kickoff today’s pod with this:

What’s Deion Sanders really like when the cameras are off?

Go click play above and hear all about my former co-worker with some juicy behind-the-scenes gossip… You’ve heard all about the X’s & O’s and the hype videos and the highlights - but have you heard about ‘Sanders Claus’ - the sketch/sitcom/film character & concept that he desperately tried to get off the ground?

You wanna bring something different to your watch party besides your guacamole dip? Drop that he sometimes wanted to be addressed on-set at The NFL Today as ‘Sanders Claus’ on ‘em - you won’t hear about that anywhere else but here.

Then we go right onto the bustling floor of Husker Hounds and hear from their employee of 15-years, manager Kayleigh Weeks, about how the fan base has been expressing their support financially after a tough loss with a big game ahead.

  • Evan Bland of the Omaha World-Herald has a story about Deion’s connection with some other Nebraskans here.


If you’re not a football fan, or are looking for something a little more substantive after gorging yourself on football all day Saturday and Sunday, check out the Flatwater Free Press and the second installment of their ‘Pigs and Power’ series here.