Kristyna Engdahl on The RiverFront

Kristyna Engdahl on The RiverFront

WARNING: You'll want to go *immediately* to the park after this pod

DISCLAIMER: Despite the warning above, don’t just wait to listen to this one until you’re able/about to check out The RiverFront - listen to it once right now, then listen to it a second (or third!) time immediately before (or during!) your journey inside…

Because the thing is - any/every OMAPOD (but especially this particular episode) is like a virtual trip to the park. It stimulates the imagination and inspires creativity. It relaxes the nerves and calms the mind. It benefits physical, mental and emotional well-being. It teaches. It gives life- alright, fine, I’ll stop.


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For the stat aficionados: 75,000 visitors grand opening weekend! (credit: this pod episode) 10,000 have used the skate ribbon already! (credit: also, this pod episode)

If you’re at the park (or not) and are looking for something to read, may I suggest:


I don’t think our local establishment media has grasped or captured yet the significance of the loss of Doctor Matthew Latacha in a tragic bicycle accident Sunday, but medical professionals around town are upset both by his untimely demise, of course - and that this is an especially devastating and scary loss in the surgical field, as he was an expert with a unique skillset in performing the ‘watchman’ implant procedure.

  • KETV’s Sarah Fili talks to grieving patients here.